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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Highway Robbery

WOW our gas prices has hit to $2.79 a gallon, Why???? I think its to make a buck from us poor people. When the oil company's are bragging about the profit they make, its not fair that we should have to pay that kind of money! I live in a small town where going shopping for food is 75 miles one way. This country has allowed this to happen, our government has allowed this to happen.
This weekend I have to drive 150 miles one way to go and get my granddaughter. I talked to her tonight and she is already packing for her trip. I remember those days when we went on trip, My sisters and me and 3 dogs in back of a car with no AC. We used to hit each other and hate the whole ride, but now I look back and wish I sometimes was still there. Enjoy your childhood memories and share them with your family. My Dad loved fish tanks, this photo reminds me of him. Heres to you Dad!!!

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Sue said...

I guess I can't complain that our gas here went up to 2.39? I know, those child hood memories are special aren't they! Enjoy Kayle!