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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Goat on the Loose Day!!

Hello all out there in Blogg land. I hope that your day has all gone well? Not alot to blogg about tonight. Just sitting here gettign ready to go to a stupid meeting, blah, blah and lisiten to them talk. Its ahrd to believe that tomorrow is Thurday? Since Monday was a holiday and yesterday was Inservice day and the kids had no school, so this week is flying by like hot tomatoes. Today I let the goat out for a stretch and that stupid goat ate my rose bush I had sitting up on the porch. I was so made at her. She will eat almost anything. She loves tortilla chips. I can not leave her alone for a second, always getting into something. My husband and I scored out on 2 sheds a friend of ours were giving away, so today we were trying to roll them into the yard. They will come in handy. Well thats about it for me today. I am starting to get the hang of Mary Janes forums. Its alot of fun. Well until tomorrow... See ya :) Here is the rose bush that dang goat ate and here is an old sign I got hanging out side my front door. I remember these as a kid.


Day4plus said...

What a beautiful rose, I hope it will come back. Did you guys get the sheds home ok? I like the forum too. MB

RoseMary said...

Sorry about your rose bush. They will eat anything--except what you want them to! I don't have goats anymore but we raised them for several years. I could get so mad at them at times, but now that they are gone, I miss them!

Sue said...

Make some "goat away" spray to spray on your plants that you don't want the goat to eat, email me for the recipe. Free sheds, what a deal!! I too remember green stamps, Mom loved them. They are bringing them back I heard. I love the sign!!

Beemoosie said...

Oh dear, your poor rosebush, I hope it comes back! My son had a book when he was little about a naughty goat!
Have a lovely day!