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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hello all in the internet channels of Love. How are things in your part of the country?

All is well here in Beatty and hot. Its starting to get in the 100's.

My Spring has left for this year.

The dishwasher man is here today after last week he was running late and could not make it,

I was not happy,

after taking a day off because they told me I had to be home and not have him show up!

I don't dare go out there,

I might give that guy a piece of my mine, not knowing if its the same man or not?

I am safe to stay where I am at.

I could let the goat out and give the man a thrill...

hee hee I am bad. Just checking in and saying HI.

My garden is producing very well. I have Tomatoes, Sweet Peas, Peppers, so far...


well have a great day.

My Bible Verse for Today is

"Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." 2 Peter 3:18


Sue said...

I think I'd let the goat out too, teach them to be on time!! At least you got a day off, no school now right? The produce sounds good, it'll be awhile before we get toms, but so worth the wait!!

Nancy Jo said...

WOW HOT!! out your way. in the 80's here.
Did your dishwasher guy come? Pretty much does in your whole day doesn't it?
Wish I could have a garden, too much shade in my yard. Love to have some fresh stuff right out of the dirt to the table.

Rose Mary said...

Our spring is gone, too! It was in the 90s today and humid. Why do repairmen never come when they are supposed to? Sounds like you'll have lots of fresh veggies to enjoy!

Day4plus said...

We are in the 60s here and just planting tomatoes. All greens are up. Did you let the goat out? I hope you did. You are so funny. Thanks for the visual. MB

Day4plus said...

Hey Allison, thanks for visiting Kylees blog. She was so excited when she say someone left a comment. thanks. MB

Melissa said...

hello how are you? things are good here. It's getting hot here as well. I miss the spring days where the temp was in the 70s....with just a little breeze....those were the days. Well-ttyl

GardenGoose said...

oh that had to have been frustrating.hope your dishwasher is fixed now. popping in to say "howdy" haven't visited in a little while. hope you have a good weekend.