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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Father's Day to all Dads!

This is a day to remember my Dad!

He passed away in 2003 and is sadly missed.

I memories of Dad was him taking me with him and he bought me my only Pepsi,

that was the only time I was able to have any sodas at all.

My Mom did not like us kids drinking pop,

I wish I would of lisiten to her now, its hard for me to give it up now.

So to remember my Dad this blog is for you Dad.

I miss you bunches....


Day4plus said...

It's always fun to have good memories of dad.
You have a very nice blog. MB

PS Thanks for visiting Kylee's blog. She was so excited someone made a comment. Thanks again. MB

Sue said...

Those were the days huh? He's still with us, the memories will live on forever! Hugs!!

Rose Mary said...

What a sweet post in memory of your dad! Hope you are having a great week.

GardenGoose said...

hi, just wanted to invite you over to join in on the drawing over at my blog. hope you are having a good day.