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Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today some years ago a small baby was born in Huntington Beach, California to Mr. Gene and Lilian Renner. This child was a start to there family after being married only 1 year. Being a baby girl, they named her Susan Debbie Renner (Neitzel now) This baby grew up and lived her Young adult like in Las Vegas. She was a straight A student, Loved to be in the journalism class in Middle and High school.

This goes out to my sister Sue who now lives in Missouri with her hubby Wes and there 5 kids and 3 grand babies of there own to spoil and love just like our Mom did to all of us. Sue is a gifted person who will give you the shirt off her back if you need it. Her family are #1 to her. No matter if your rich or poor, it don't matter to her. because we are all like.

Happy Birthday to Sue and Mikki Jo, they both share the same day for such a gifted day from God. We love you all and have enjoyed your time you share with all of us to take the time out to read blogs of others.

My Bible Verse for today "For he who touches you, touches the apple of his eye. Zechariah 2:8"


Rose Mary said...

Happy birthday to Sue!! Thanks for reminding us, Allison. Great post!

Day4plus said...

What a grand post, Allison. Yes, your sis is one of the good ones. MB

Sue said...

THANK YOU SIS!!! What a sweet post, I love being your sister!! Thank you too girls, bloggers are the best!