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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday, where does time go?

Someday we sit back and say to our self's, I wish this day was done, and someday we sit back and say where did the time go? When your on Vacation is the times that seems to fly right by you and you never see it until the last day and you heading home. Its hard to think that this year is half over. Hoping to see that the future has to hold. Hoping to see new places, Hoping to visit old friends. Do we really get better as we get older is my question? Wiser? Smarter?

I think its that we all grow up and our thinking changes for most of us, we know what we want and are set out to do it. Just some thoughts flowing out of this brain of mine, nothing to worry about for those who might be saying, shes lost it. Its nice to know that others have these same questions about life. I know where I will go when I die, its the in between time we are not certain about. Have a great Sunday...

My Bible Verse for today "Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech, Corinthians 3,12"

Pictures are of some Burros that roam in town. Our wildlife, not much but worth the picture anyways.


Day4plus said...

pictures are always good. You have some wildlife that nobody else has. We don't have roaming burros or peacocks or road runners. You are unique. take care. MB

Sue said...

Those burrors sure do look good and healthy, they are a pretty site! I was just thinking yesterday how the year is half over already, and I'd like to think with age comes wisdom, that has to be the cause of those gray hairs! lol

howard said...

Sues right, i think Beatty must have the most healthy, wild Burros in the west. The ones out here are pretty scragly.