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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer is almost here!

well for others maybe, but in Nevada Summer hits before Memorial day. Las Vegas temps for Wednesday will be 106 and Thursday 108, we are luck because we sit higher up than Vegas so today I bet it was 100. Anything over 105 here all feels the same to me. We are thankful that our humidity is very low. But for those who's Summers maybe hit 90 are lucky because they don't have to feel how hot it is. I enjoy going to Wyoming for Summer vacations and fishing, its cooler and greener there. we don't see alot of green unless its sitting outside and looking at the grass. Summer colds have hit the air here, my soon Kyle is suffering from a nasty one on top of his allergies. Friday will be Sues birthday, so go bay and express your blessing to her at country pleasures she will enjoy that and since I am the baby in the family I can kid her about her age. But what really is age. I look at it as a number. Some days I feel real old with the pain in my back and knee. I just take it a day at a time because that's what God wants us to do. We are all here for a reason and God has brought each of us together for a reason? Why I ask? Because GOD has plans for each and everyone of us? Well have a great week, Hope that your staying out of the heat. ~~~ God Bless You All!!! ~~~


Sue said...

Thanks Sis!! Hope Kyle is feeling better soon, no fun having a summer cold esp. in that kind of heat! Got any exciting plans for the summer? It's warming up here too, a month early according to the weather man, hopefully fall will be a month early to make it all even. lol

Rose Mary said...

What a great post, Allison! Thanks for reminding us. It is easy to forget that everything does have a purpose in our day to day trials and aches and pains. It isn't as hot here as it is there, but the humidity has been ultra high with all this rain.

Hope you get some rain soon!

smileygrad2000 said...

HOt! HOt! HOt!, I dont like the heat.... And now it seems that i too have a stupid summer cold, what is up with that? Probably from being outside in the hot heat then going into a nice and almost cold house???? Anyways tell kyle to feel better cause i know how it is!!! Love ya!