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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sweet Sissys

Hello to everyone on this wonderful Sunday! Another great day the Lord has made for us. Had a nice chat with Sue this morning, it always great to chat with family you don't get to see very often. She was telling me that gas out there is $2.69, wow why cant it be cheep everywhere? Our gas in Beatty is $3.19 big difference. I am thankful that it is coming done now that Summer is almost over. Enjoy your Sunday in what ever you may do today. Resting up for work tomorrow for me. My girls sitting pretty at one of Kyles track meet this past school year. Danielle is 14 and Shila is 24, How time flysssssss


Sue said...

Hard to believe they are 10 years apart! And gas here is $2.65, hey every penny counts! Great talking to you too, and I'll let you know if the new sized photos will work, thanks! Enjoy your day off!

Day4plus said...

Nice you got to talk to your sister. I have a sister Sue also. She lives in Canada. I don't talk to her very ofter nor do I see her either.
Nice to see your girls. MB

Melissa said...

hey-just passing through....enjoy your week~!