Alpicks Treasures!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to work after a long weekend. Bummer but hey its a job and it pays the bills. Trying to do some Christmas shopping done, which most is dont on the Internet since I am working nights I dont have alot of time to go and shop. Its hard to believe how fast is will be here. I just love Mary Beths pictures she has been posting. Washington State is so pretty. I went there once and we took the ferry over to Canada. It was lots of fun and a all day of walking around Victoria shopping. Thanksgiving was a nice day, weather was good, food was good, family was good. What more could I want? Not alot going on here. The weather took a nose dive on the colder side, berrrrrrrrr. Its supposed to rain on Saturday so keep your fingers crossed that it does because we dont get very much rain at all. I love it, so refreshing, Clean. The goat hates the rain. Well until next time I am off. Keep posting your picture ladys, I love looking at them. It wont let me post any pictures so nothing for today, sorry everyone.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Gee, I miss the photo!! I left a comment of your friends blog who is interested in scrapbooking so we will see if she replys, I hope so! I still need ideas for the kids!! What kind of movies does Mark like? Any idea for him too?

Day4plus said...

Hi Allison, pictures or not we still like to hear from you. Thanks for the plug on Wa. State. That Ferry boat ride to Victoria is a good trip. Victoria is pretty. Your state has it's own beauty too. I hope you get the picture thing working soon. MB