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Sunday, December 02, 2007

What a crazy day we had in Vegas! Well we had a nice day yesterday with all the family and I mean all the family. We went to Pahrump yesterday morning and picked up Shila and Kaley and took them to Vegas with us to do some Christmas shopping. Knowing that Shilas car wont make it over the hill to Vegas I thought it would be nice to take her with us. We hit Ross as one of our 1st stores. I just love Ross, They have such neat stuff but you have to beat off the people to get to it. Its always crowed but I can see why. So if you have not gone in there, I suggest that you do. Shila was in there forever it seem like. After I was dont I took Kaley to the van with me and Shila stayed in, I had to keep calling her on the cell phone to get her to hurry up. But she had fun and it was a diff rent store besides Walmart for a change. Christmas time in Vegas is a mad house. People come out from the wood works. If I could buy all my presents either in Summer of after Christmas I would so I dont have to go out in that mess. Well I hope to hear your adventures of Christmas shopping. We went in to pet smart and we saw all the cats and animals, oh how cute. I saw someones Sheltie dog. Made me cry. Enjoy your week.


Beach Girl said...

Oh, to be in a store other than Wal Mart! I understand since I have to travel over an hour just to get to mine.


GardenGoose said...

oh graciouis..I must say I can't stand how crowded the stores get this time of year. Luckily most of my shopping is done.

Day4plus said...

Well is sounds like everybody had a fine time out shopping. I tend to stay away from the crowded stores but you can't help it this time of year. My daughter Shannon does buy a lot of her clothes for work at Ross. We used to have a Mervyns out here but they are all gone now and no store to fill their place. talk to ya later. MB

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'll have to check out that store the next trip to Vegas! I can't stand crowded stores either, just no way of getting around it this time of the year! Glad you had a nice day in the city!

Rose Mary said...

Hi ALlison, sounds like you had a full day of shopping. I have to do a lot of shopping at Wal Mart, too. Mostly, I prefer to shop on-line! Hope you're having a great day.