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Sunday, January 20, 2008

2 Silly Girls....

OK What can I say about these two??????
This is my oldest and my only granddaugther Kaley. I don't know who's sillier?
Well, not alot happening around here. We bought a pellet stove some a site off the Internet? This is our first one. We don't really know much about them but what we have heard is all good. We heat our mobile home with a propane furnace, and propane is costing us somewhere around $3.80 a gallon. Figuring up the cost of pellets, it will pay for its self in a year or so. If anyone out there has one of these, I would love to hear from you. All the info I can get . This Winter has been a cold one for us, so I am anxious to see what it will do.
Hope you all are having a great weekend. Wednesday I get to go to Vegas for those shots I have been talking about. I hope that they work. Well I am off for now. Have something I need to get done. ENJOY and taa taa


Beach Girl said...

Well, I learned something new...I had never heard of a pellet stove before.

The silly girls are both beautiful! :-)


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love that photo, I've got one too! Can't wait to hear about the pellet stove, hope it helps! Good luck on Wed. I'll be thinking about you in a positive way! Hugs!!

Day4plus said...

Two pretty girls for you. Lovely.
I have a wood stove not a pellet but my friend raises cats and uses the pellets for kitty litter because it is cheaper that cat litter. Funny huh? MB

K said...

Hi Nana,
i went to your page its really nice i like it how come your not on your Yahoo! very much so i can type to you and talk to you

Kaley your granddaugter and my mommy :-)

BikerK8 said...

Hello there:
We have a pellet stove and love it. Since we live in the basement portion of my sisters house there was always a fight over the heat. My brother in law loves it cold and I like it warm enough that I don't have to wear winter woolies to bed. So we got a pellet stove for the basement. I keep it set at about 68 -70 and it is nice and warm., You can actually feel the differnce when you walk down stairs. Next year my sister is going to put one in up stairs where the fireplace is. Our pellets cost us 4.50-4.95 a 40lb bag. Since we got a larger stove that last about 2-3 days depending on how cold it is. So far we have saved around 50 dollars a month on Natural Gas, and the deep freeze hasn't hit yet. I think you will enjoy having one and the cost will more that pay for itself. Love the picture.
take care

Beemoosie said...

We bought a pellet stove last year to turn our 3 season room into a 4 season room!! We love it! The best thing about is that it does not effect my daughter's allergies and asthma as a wood burning stove would. I hope you enjoy yours!!