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Friday, January 25, 2008

I want to take this time out and thank all of you for your input on the pellet stove, since this is our 1st stove either wood, pellet we are excited to see how it works and if it will keep the kids rooms warm. Its still sitting in the living room. After I went to the doctors on Wednesday I went around in Vegas looking for accessories for the pellet stove. Home Depot, Lowes they both had nothing, A guy in Home Depot had no idea what I was talking about so he told me to go into appliance department. We are looking for the Hearth that goes on the floor. Something that you can not find at your everyday store. Since living in a mobile home we are cautious about the walls heating up or the floor.

My doctors on Wednesday went well. After waiting so long I finely got to go and have that shot in my knee. The doctor is a real nice man, not like the last doctor I had, he was a jerk. He numbed me up so I felt good afterwards, but that night I started hurting and did not sleep to good, yesterday it was sore too but I went to work and made it through the day. Today has started off feeling better. I guess when you put a needle into your joints between your knee cap, sure its going to hurt. I have exercises to do so until next week, I am set to go. They said the 1st shot you don't feel much better but the 2nd one will show signs. Its been rainy here and snow in the mountains. Having such cold weather for such a long period of time is not normal for us, since we live on the boarder of Death Valley, we stay kind of warm in the Winter. I fell for you all who have the -5, -10, -15 degree weather. That's just to cold. well I hope that you all have a nice weekend. I have to work extra duty tomorrow due to a Middle School Basketball tournament and they are using both schools, they want me there if someone needs something. So if I don't get to check up on everyone, this is why. ENJOY And Many Blessing to you all.

Here are pictures of the new stove. I have one of where we are putting it. Still moving stuff around so we can put it there.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Love the stove, it's cute! You should be able to find what you needing anywhere they sell fireplace stuff. I can't remember what they are called, we had those big fire proof mats under our woodstoves, and bricked a corner in the cabin. Now, it may not heat the kids rooms but if you have ceiling fans, switch them over to winter speed and they will help force the air all about. I'm feeling better today, still got a little sore throat but I'm taking the vinegar every day now, it helps with stiffness in the joints too, you should try it? LOL

Beemoosie said...

Nice stove!! Looks quite a bit like ours! ours is on a hearth and we have metal plates on the walls surrounding it. We have laws here about the distance it must be from the wall and so on.
Hey, I tagged you so if you'd like to play along come visit!!
We have bball this weekend too!

Day4plus said...

Nice looking stove. I am sure you will stay warm, but be careful. Keep us posted on the knee shot. MB

BikerK8 said...

Hi there:
this is the same stove as ours. You don't have to worry about the wall etc around it. There is no heat that comes off the back or the sides of the stove. The hot air is blown out the front. I have a fake plastic tree right beside ours and everythihng is fine. The reason we got this was the wood stove did not pass the new laws. It was to close to the wall etc. and the insurance company wouldn't insure the house. We have friends that heat there house with them. They have a house that is insulated with straw bales. Right now it is-47 with the wind chill factor . It is so cold it takes your breath away. Hope you find your pellets and get it all installed. I think you will be happy with it, we sure are.
all the best...