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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hello Again!

WOW I am on a roll. I have been keeping up with this blogger business. Well I made it home safe from my trip yesterday and off to work I went when I came home. All that way and I did not get my teeth clean...

I have to have the deep cleaning done, and I think they just like having me to pay more for extra office visits? Why is it a regular cleaning is covered my insurance 100% but this deep cleaning is not? Its a scam, some where people are making money off of us. I have to go back in February. I stalled it off that long because I have to go to Vegas and get my shots, too much driving and the price of gas is taking it toll here.

Happy Wednesday! yeah it the middle of the week! Hope that your week is going smooth. Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog.

1st picture is of the old Ice House that sits next door from me. In the 1900 when there was no

electricity, they would put ice in this building and store there meat.

2nd is an old wagon out at the local Hot Springs just North of Beatty.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I don't like dentists either! Too bad you wasted all that gas for nothing? How are the shots doing? Glad to see you posting more often! Love the photos!

Rose Mary said...

Yikes, I don't like to go to the dentist! I am like you, a lot of dental work is a scam. I mean, how can we really know what our teeth need? They have us right where they want us, LOL!

Love your pictures! Like you, I'll be glad when gas prices go down~if ever.


Day4plus said...

Love your ohotos. Glad to know there are some things of yesteryear left around.
I guess I would have just had my teeth cleaned and waited on the (ouch) deep cleaning.
Are the shots for the knees. Tell me how they are doing. MB

Day4plus said...

ohots?? How about Photos
Silly me. MB

GardenGoose said...

love the picture of the wagon.
stopping by to say "howdy" have very much enjoyed your visits to my blog.
hope you have a great weekend.

Beach Girl said...

I love the photos!

A deep clean vs. a regular clean? I agree, sounds like a dental scam.