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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Off to the dentist today.... Oh what fun.. I hate going there, they always find stuff and want to fix it, I say if its not hurting why mess with it? And there not cheep either. Today I am going in for a cleaning which I have not done in a long time since we did not have insurance for acouple of years, I let it slip by me so today I am going to pay the price of getting my gums all bloody and swollen. What did the pioneer's do back in the days you only had your teeth looked at when they needed pulling? well, wish me luck because I need all I can get. Hope that your week is going great for everyone? Enjoy your day!

No thats not me, its a picture I took from Google. u


Day4plus said...

Great picture. I love it. haha
Dentists grrrr. I need to go too. I don't mind going only I don't have insurance so you know how that goes. I guess the people in olden days pretty much gummed their food to mush. Yikes!! MB

GardenGoose said...

ouch. hope the dental visit went well. ouch though.