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Monday, March 10, 2008

I am back!

Looking out my hotel room window at Reno
Walker Lake about 200 miles from Beatty

Well hello to all my blogger friends. I made it home all in one piece. Sorry I have not had time to blogg the last couple of days I had good reasons though, 1st was my son's birthday and my anniversary was on Saturday so off we went to Las Vegas for the day and had a nice supper. Sunday I was home working on my taxes so we can mail then to the tax man, oh what fun. I hate having to do them. But something that has to be done. Well I hope that everyone had a nice week? My trip was really nice. We had 24 kids and 4 adults on the school bus and we were all good. The kids all had a good time. We stayed at the Circus Circus, did a little shopping and enjoyed watching the kids get there medals for all the hard work they did. Danielle (my daughter) she got 2 medals and is going to Nationals this Summer in Florida, wow what an exciting trip. Not sure how we are going to get there and the price of it all, but time will tell. Just wanted to say hi to you all. Missed you. As I was snapping pictures along the way I had one of the ladies say to me there she goes snapping more pictures, so I told then all about my new friends on the blog, they thought that was neat.


Small City Scenes said...

Hi allison, glad you all got back and glad everyone had a good time. Congratulations to Danielle for winning medals and getting to go to Florida. what fun. Somehow you all will get there. Happy birthday to your son and Happy Anniversary to you and your hubsand. Mb

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Hey Sis, Reno has grown too, they have a CC too? Happy Anniversary, I forgot, shame on me! Congrats to Danielle, she will get there someway, God willing!