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Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Friday to you all.

Yes, its Friday!

Hope that you have had a great week. My page today is going to the birds. Yes the birds. I love watching them. The live in there own world, No money problems, no electric bills to pay. How they manage through the Winter and not freeze to death is ones of Gods gifts. I have a few dove that hang around and when I see them I think of Mom, she loved dove and all birds. So to keep this short and sweet, here you go little birdies......


GardenGoose said...

lovely little hummingbirds. wanted to invite you over to my blog for the giveaway going on over there. here's wishing you a lovely weekend too.

Beemoosie said...

Great pictures!!!
hey, about the flowers you asked about. After the flower dies off, let the leaves be for a week or so until they start to yellow. (It may be faster where you live because it is so much warmer already) then you can cut them right to the ground.
Before you cut them, the leaves are feeding the bulb, when you notice a color change the process is over.

Have a great weekend!!

Small City Scenes said...

To add what Beemoosie said--cut the flower off and then let the leaves die back.
Great pic of the hummingbird. MB

Rose Mary said...

I love to watch all of them, too! We have several pairs of doves that come, as well as the hummers. I haven't put out their feeders just yet, and they are starting to complain!


Autumn Moon said...

A big churtle-chirrup from the Sonran Hummers to the Nevada Hummers!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Great photos, you should send the last one to mags! I haven't put our hummer feeders with a move soon but the dove are here everyday along with everything else! I love them all!