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Monday, January 05, 2009

Its Monday Already!

Hello again to all in blog land. I hope that everyone had a restful weekend? and that their New Year was a good one. Its hard to believe that Monday is here again. For those who work Mon - Fri you know what I am saying. Its a cold one today in the desert. It 30 now and not expected to climb much. Glad I work inside. Over the weekend my family and I went Geocaching along the way to Pahrump. I found 5 of them, one which was the best, the title was the house out back and when we found it we could see where he got the name from. The time and talent this person out into it was amazing. As we approached we saw some wood, well the closer I got I know that was it. It was an outhouse about 3 feet tall with a door on it. We opened the door and inside was this plastic toilet and in the toilet was the cache. How cleaver was that? The man who owns it lives in Amargosa Valley where this cache was found. He has others out there just was crazy as this one which are on my list of to find. What a fun day it was and alittle exercise did not hurt. Well here is my Mondays Here's You Sign day and a big thank you to Mary Beth for this one. The day she sent it to me I was at Chilis for lunch in Vegas, yum and tasty. I have not seen a sign like this in Vegas? Thanks Again and if anyone wants to send me signs, please feel free. I enjoy them all. I will post my picture of geocaching on my next posting. So for today I am off to snug up to the pellet stove and keep warm. Take care and keep warm.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Can't wait to see it, my bathroom is done in outhouses so I'd be tempted to keep it! lol Glad Shila got the box, didn't know she had moved, come to think about it, her Christmas card I sent her may have come back? June's did, but I heard from Sherry that she is in a nursing home type place. Do you want to do Valentines with us, it's that time again over at MJ Farms, it'll be fun....

Small City Scenes said...

Yeah Allison--do the Valentine thing. Not to many signed up.
You are having so much fun geocaching. I am jealous!!! I want to start but everyone looks at me like I am coocoo. Maybe I am. the sign looks great. I can send you more. I take pics everytime I see what i think is funny. MB