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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mondays Here's Your Sign Day!

Another Monday has come around and how fast our weekend goes by. I think if we blinked we would miss the 2 days off that we look forward to so much and poof~~~~ there gone. Well thats my story anyways. I hope that everyone had a nice Mothers Day? We went to Pahrump to have Supper with my oldest. It was a nice visit. Soon our Summer heat will be here. Its already hit about 90 here in Beatty and Friday while watching my kids play baseball and softball in Vegas it was 97 and hot. I had to go and sit in the shade after getting over heated. We never get to see much Spring here, 4 seasons are out we mainly get 2, Winter and Summer. But my flowers are all blooming and baby birds are chirping everywhere.and I know that GOD is great in all the things he does.

My sign is from Marybeth, its one she finds in her travels out and about. Thanks again... Well I better go make Hubby some lunch. Take care and enjoy you day.


Small City Scenes said...

Hi Allison. I hope you had a nice Mother's Day. I wasn't home for a while so couldn't send you a note. I did send you a quilt book though.

I am still needing a partner to go caching with me. Come on out.

I was in Eastern Washington the past 3 days. I even slept in my car and went up in the mountains by myself---well I had my dog with me. MB

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Good ole MB, she finds the neatest signs! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day, I got lots of flowers, cards and got to go Geocaching, so it was a good day here! Keep cool!